Mum Mum Restaurant

What’s behind the name ?

“Mum Mum” in Thai, is a word of expression for “Let’s eat !” Commonly used among friends & family gathering around for a feast.

Where are we located ?

Mum Mum, a contemporary Thai eatery located right across Hylton Performing Arts Center and tugged away in George Mason University Science & Technology campus.

Mum Mum's Atmosphere & Menu ?

With a relaxing outdoor atmosphere, a sleek indoor dinning and lively bar scene, Mum Mum’s customers could expect the menu with classic Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Green Curry, Red Curry, but there are also inspired recipes of fun street food & modern Thai with a twist of world culture where you could also find in the city of Bangkok itself.
05 - Our Philosophy

Because we care

Our restaurant supports locally sourced food as much as possibly could to bring delicious and fresh meal to the table.

Carefully crafted interior,

Mum Mum’s original teak wood over the bar and the bench seating in the restaurant is engraved with a poem of a man who is professing his love for a woman.
Mum Mum Restaurant
A Place Where You
Eat. Drink. Love.